In Shades of black world there was no WWII. The whole generation of people lived through the 1940's without experiencing the horrors of war thus creating an alternative face of the world. Some of the brilliant scientists lived to make astonishing discoveries that marked the beginning of the technological Golden Age. Among them was Andrew Wyatt, younger brother of Frank Wyatt, owner of the "Wyatt Industries" and one of the most powerfull people in Chicago. This bright young mind gave world a new revolutionary source of electricity.

    As a result in Shades of Black the 1950’s as we know them are living next to advanced technologies like flying cars, tube based computers, video communications terminals and electronics, electromagnetic weaponry prototypes and many more. 

   But altogether Chicago is a dangerous place. Criminal life here goes way back and is now stronger than ever. People are talking about Shadow Kings - four misterious puppet masters of all the Chicago's underground. Rumors have it that they've got all the city's council and police in a stranglehold of threats, bribes and blackmails